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This society demand explores the branding idea and positioning of the company, many commercial condom trade business companies take this problem into the consideration seriously. This reality issue primarily makes sense about condom branding strategy indicating the importance of sex health.

HIV/AIDS is a global problem and becomes a huge concern in many countries. In order to prevent the disease’s expansion among people widely , condom plays an increasingly important role in sexual health.

This society demand explores the branding idea and positioning of the company, many commercial condom trade business companies take this problem into the consideration seriously. This reality issue primarily makes sense about condom branding strategy indicating the importance of sex health.

At the beginning of the branding creation, giving a right mission is the initial plan to make, which is not easy actually to give a good value memorized and spread easily. On the basis of the reality of people’s mind, we have different options to pick. Branding value positioning could be the the first step to define the branding strategy, starting with a good idea and good creation accepted by the audience. That’s the reasoning why we give a scientific and specific company branding to develop our business.

Branding value should afford the society responsibility in a way giving the positive value in a way. Consumers do not buy what you sell, they only choose what has value to them. That’s the main thing we focus on. We are likely to create a brand with profession and innovation, rather than promote sales business rudely. We will pay much more attention to the part our consumers care about, we do our best to provide the thing you really need to meet your requirements seriously. Branding strategy is invisible, but it really works for a brand building and developing.


As we all know that condom is popular nowadays, and let’s learn about the history of the condom briefly.


The history of the condom


The history of the condom goes back at least several centuries. The materials of the condoms are from animals at the beginning, now natural silicone and latex(or rubber) becomes popular. Condom is a barrier method used for contraception that can prevent unplanned pregnancy and the spread of sexually transmitted infections. Male condom ( external condom) is a thin sheath covering the user’s penis to collect seminal fluid, avoiding flowing into women's vagina. Condom was invented thousands of years ago, but it was used widely only hundreds of years ago. Now, condom is really popular all over the world, protecting lovers away from unexpected infections.


Durex created a condom brand in 2000s, then condom becomes a common household thing, sexual education throughout the world encourage people to view the sex stuff correctly, more and more people are likely to use condom in the practice of the safe sex. Now, you can find various types of condoms with different sizes, shapes, colors and even flavors. Condom is the best way to have safe sex without any worries of being get pregnant.


Reasons to use condoms


The reason why people have to wear condoms during the sex is for birth control to avoid unplanned pregnancy. And it is the barrier to protect themselves against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one in five Americans has genital herpes, and half of all sexually active adults will develop HPV.

With the development of the social economy, people will pay more attention to the life quality, including the sex love. People are getting more and more open-minded accepting many new things, they are creative, but not self-abandoned. They know what they want, so the right value of condom will meet their needs to win their trust.

Besides male condom( external condom), the female condom(internal condom) was invented after male condom. It can reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections in a new way protecting people away from pregnancy. It is an internal ring put in female vagina deeply during the intercourse, meeting FDA requirements to be healthy and hygienic. But the way, the material of the female condom is basically different from male condom’s, polyurethane is perfectly suitable for female condom with its physical features, such as super natural, water-based. The female condom can also be used by homosexual males during anal sex. So you have create your new positions to enjoy your sex love.

The final stage in the history of the condom was the discovery that AIDS was a sexually transmitted infection disease, and the condom is the best way to stop disease spread. Then, the condom explored in big popularity, and now you can find in many places including supermarket, shopping malls, shopping centers and etc, you can buy in various way also vending machines. So the condom is connected with your sexual health firmly.



Nowadays, people are more likely to attach importance to sex life quality being willing to choose the condom in a scientific method. So it is important to develop positive brand idea and people perceptions to create brand equity. Company develop differently effective ways to build the brand equity. Long-Tie manufactures and markets a wide variety of condoms (male condoms and female condoms), including different sizes, flavors, design styles. Long-Tie is a Japan based condom company that established in 1998. Japan Long-Tie (China) Co., Ltd. is one of world’s leading and most-trusted suppliers providing condoms. Long-Tie is boosting in its value creation and profession along and beyond the sexual heath continuum with a strong focus on high quality condoms.

Developing extension of the brand is for more favorable in terms of cost for the company than to produce a new product. Long-Tie is setting a successfully creative example of brand extension that can promote condom business. And it has launched around 50 countries to contribute its market share.

Reasons for creating the condom brand.


Here are some central reasons why Long-Tie should create its own brand.


Brands have to be updated according to the changing customer needs, Long-Tie has its relevancy with the target market with respect to their services provided for the clients. Convenience, technology, creation, design, and profession make an increasingly important role in the perceptions and trends of the marketing.


With the emergence of strong competitors, Long-Tie required to come up with come new offerings to attract the potential customers. Upgrading new products can build and strengthen the competitiveness, hindering competitors with higher quality and better service.


Since various social media websites were created with unique technical skills, it was significant for a company to rebrand itself and bring new things to cater new audience. So it’s why we build social media platform winning the reputation and publicity.


Innovation can’t be ignored during the marketing and branding, technological change is a major reason behind failure and success of the branding. Innovation can cope with the technological revolution. Long-Tie involves in business that deals with the problems of the condom merchandise.

Who We Are?

Japan Long-Tie (China) Co., Ltd. is one of world’s leading and most-trusted suppliers providing adult products including condoms, personal lubricants and other sex products.


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