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HIV/AIDS is a global problem and becomes a huge concern in many countries. In order to prevent the disease’s expansion among people widely , condom plays an increasingly important role in sexual health.

This society demand explores the branding idea and positioning of the company, many commercial condom trade business companies take this problem into the consideration seriously. This reality issue primarily makes sense about condom branding strategy indicating the importance of sex health.

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Every business needs design and sex product business is not an exception.

Japan Long-Tie group purchased UNIWOW, a design company with global fame. It enables us to bring our clients with sex product design and related design consulting at any time. Now we provide the services of logo design, package design and sex product design on an esthetic edge.

In a systematic approach, designers conceptualize and evaluate business brands and ideas, turning them into tangible images and products.

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Japan Long-Tie (China) Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacture and trader of condoms, female condoms ,personal lubes and many other sex toys for almost 20 years. We are certificated to ISO9001, ISO13485, CE, FSC and ABS.

Our products are exported to more than 60 countries. We have four production lines in our own factory, which contributes to a great price control. With a strong design and development ability, we provide a professional and ergonomic customization on tooling and mass production.

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Condom marketing has a potential to create the value of trillion dollars if business leaders understand how condom business works under different background.

We provide consulting service about organization identify, helping build and create the capability of delivering good service and impression to the consumers.

We try all best ways to provide convenience to the clients with a cross-functional team to brainstorm, define and model new approaches to condom business issues.

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Who We Are?

Japan Long-Tie (China) Co., Ltd. is one of world’s leading and most-trusted suppliers providing adult products including condoms, personal lubricants and other sex products.


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