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Wine container covers with OEM design CE and ISO wine container covers

What kind of equipment do you use to keep open wine? Put the cork back in, vacuum the pump, preserve the plug, or, a little more advanced, smoke with a Coravin? Product Name: Wine condoms cover bottle factory raw wine condoms Country of origin China Brand name OEM/ODM type Wine condom colour 10 colors Materials Natural latex certificate CE/ISO flavour custom Delivery time 30 days Minimum order quantity 1000 Aluminum foil Circle/square Now there is a new gadget "condom" that can also protect your wine!
Yes, that's right, it's a real rubber condom, only it's for your wine... Let's call him the "Liquor condom"!
Packaging and contents and general condoms are similar, but this is "alcohol" special. Black rubber sleeve instead of cork, can completely separate the air into the bottle, as long as the use of gently set on the bottle mouth on the line, simple action can prevent the oxidation of the wine, put into the refrigerator without fear of seepage out. A condom can be reused 1-2 times, lightweight and convenient design, put into the wallet or storage, so convenient, as a small alcoholic you, how willing to miss it!

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