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We are a condom manufacturing company in China, dedicated to the sexual health industry, focusing on the manufacture of high-quality sexual products. We have been a partner of condom vendors all over the world.

We are a professional manufacturer and wholesaler of male condoms, female condoms, pregnancy test kit, lube and other sex products, with our own brand of condoms and condom OEM services, looking for partners worldwide.

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We have four condom making factorys in China, which helps to control the price very well. Our products are exported to more than 60 countries.

"One Touch", our own brand, is globally registered. It is a patent condom which has an attached tape to avoid directly touching condom by hand.

"M-Zone" brand has many exclusive agents in many countries, including various products - normal condom series, vibrating condoms and personal lubricant.

As a new type of condom, female condom became more and more popular recent years. It goes inside the vagina for pregnancy prevention and protection from STDs.

Our OEM service is featured by providing professional consultant from both subjective experiences and objective data analysis, which makes us stand out.

Lubricant (also called as "Lube") is for easing uncomfortable friction or rescuing you when a condom dries up. It helps protect you from tearing and discomfort.

Our pregnancy test kits are accurate more than 99% of the time. From simple paper to plastic bar, we provide various pregnancy tests for different needs.

Customizing, Designing and providing high-quality wall-mounted vending machine are our advantages. The vending machines support inserting coins, notes or both.

Economical, bulk-packed, non-sterile, latex probe covers are recommended for use with trans-vaginal ultrasound probes.All materials of them have been rigorously tested.

We provide many types - Armpit Clinical Thermometer, Mercury-Free Clinical Thermometer, Oral Clinical Thermometer and Rectal Clinical Thermometer.

Mainly include vibrating ring and female vibrator. Vibrating ring is put on the root of penis. Female vibrator is used on the body to produce pleasurable erotic stimulation.

Who We Are?

Japan Long-Tie (China) Co., Ltd. is one of world’s leading and most-trusted suppliers providing adult products including condoms, personal lubricants and other sex products.


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Xiangtai Guangchang,
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Shizhong District, Jinan,
Shandong, China PR
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