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Different types of condom in Japan Long-Tie Co., Ltd.


Different types of condom in Japan Long-Tie Co., Ltd. 



Selecting a right condom is the first step to have a fun sex life experience, and it is a big problem that how to choose right ones. Here are some popular types of condom you can choose in the following. Here we go!


Glow in the dark condom



Glow in the dark condom is really eye-catching, which is very interesting to wear. This condom can increase the interests of the sex life with your partner, also usefully prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease. It can illuminate in the dark place, and don’t worry about your health condition if you wear it, because it is usually non-toxic, you can experience a different life style with it having a big challenge.



Flavored or colored condom




Many condom brands have flavored condoms for consumers. For example, Durex condom have different choices of fruits flavors such as apple, banana, orange and strawberry. You can choose one flavor you are crazy about. And the flavors are contained in the lubricant or coated oil of the condom. Colors of the packaging are nicely matched with its flavor. The same thing with different colors, you can choose the color you like.


Studded or textured condom



Here are many different shape of condom, including plain, dotted, ribbed and many others. Some of the condoms can contain tow or more different shapes together, giving a great pleasure to the consumers. Japan Long-Tie company is market for various types of condom, you can choose some you like, or they can create a new one according to your requirement.



Warming condom



Warm feeling condom can enhance the pleasure, excitement and passion in your sex life. It can add more extra interest to your sex life with its tender touch feeling. If you want to try different style of life, it is nicely a good option you can keep, refreshing the relationship between you two when you are in a boring situation by exploring a new sex routine. Things like warming feeling sex lubricant-based body oil can light up your passion and enthusiasm to be much more powerful. Warming feeling condom is much safer than any other type, you can use it without any worries.


All of these above are male condoms( external condoms), but female condom(internal condom) is becoming more and more popular nowadays.


Female condom is a type of FDA-approved condom which is essentially friendly method to prevent pregnancy and STD/HIV disease or virus. Otherwise, the material of female condom is totally different from male condom, it is made from polyurethane which is much more healthier and hygienic. It also contributes to the foreplay. Polyurethane female condom can be used by the people with latex material allergies. It’s also much more thinner, with good tender touch feeling, you can enjoy the sex pleasure to the maximum extent.


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