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Here are some popular types of condom we should know


Here are some popular types of condom we should know 



Condoms are playing an increasingly important role in our sex life, so we can ignore the importance of condom. Selecting a good condom is the right thing we have to do with our patience. It is the first step for us to have a fun sex life experience, and it is a big problem that how to choose the right ones. Here are some popular types of condom you can choose in the following. Here we go!



There are many various types of condom in the marketing shells, such as plain condoms, dotted condoms, ribbed condoms, anatomic condoms, ultra thin condoms and so on. Now, we can take a look at them one by one.


Plain condoms



Plain condoms are the simplest condoms which are very popular, you don’t need to think about anything complex when you decide to buy it. Just normal ones, and buy them, then use them. That’s all.


dotted and ribbed condoms



Dotted condoms consist of a serious of dots which are bumpy and circular, covering the surface of the condom. The dotted pattern creates an increase friction between the condom and your skin. Similarly, ribbed pattern condoms also increase friction. You and your partner will feel much more excited thanks to the slightly rougher and varied surface texture.Dotted pattern and ribbed pattern can be combined together, separately.

Here, I can explain them two separately.


Dotted condoms have specially designed dots to increase excitement and sensation for your love experience. The Durex Excite Me dotted condoms increase the fun and pleasure in sexual intercourse.

Ribbed condoms have different pattern with dotted ones, but it’s also used to increased the friction index to irritate your skin sensitivity resulting in your sex pleasure.

Both of them are textured condoms enhancing sexual pleasure and intimacy and leading to better confidence for both of you. Experimenting with different types and textures generally can bring a lot of extra fun to the bedroom.


Anatomic condoms


Anatomic one is a transparent, teat-ended, natural rubber latex condom. You will really comfortable and pleasant wearing this kind of condom because of its special shape design.


Ultra thin condoms



Ultra thin condoms are thinner ones which are transparent and natural. They are made of natural materials without any chemical additives, and you will feel that you are wearing nothing at all because of its soft texture and true feeling. So you can try this kind of condom to make love without any barriers.


Spike condoms



This type of condoms are printed with special shapes in order to enlarge the sexual pleasure and excitement. You will have much stronger feeling wearing the spike shaped condom during the process of the intercourse with your darling partner. And the special designed condom will increase your interest of being a sexy lover willing to enjoy the sex pleasure. Spikes condoms are totally fun to enhance your sex life to be much more exciting, you can use it with the lubricant oil to explore more secrets of your body, which is really a fun thing to do. All of these are specific reasons why you have to try the spike condoms to start a different journey.



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