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How to use a female condom in a right way?

How to use a female condom in a right way?

Female condom is totally different from male condom which is an internal condom, and it’s put inside of the vagina of women, so condom is controlled by women. Female condom is made of polyurethane rather than latex like male condom. How to use a female condom in a right way, it’s a good question we need to answer here.

Here are the steps we need to follow:

Step 1

Check the expiration date printed on the surface of the female package. If the time is OK, you can open the female condom by tearing along one edge of the bag. You can take out the female condom easily, and take care of that you don’t do the damage to the female condom. If the female condom is broken unluckily, please throw it into the trash can immediately and change another one.

Step 2

Rub the pouch of the female condom to make sure the lubricant oil is well spread inside of the female condom. If you think the lubricant oil is not enough, you can add more extra to keep the condom in a good condition.

Step 3

Unroll the condom and find the ring on the closed end. There are two rings of the condom, the one is inner ring, and the other is the outer ring, the inner ringer is much smaller than the outer ring. Please push up the inner ring inside of your vagina, and the outer ring can stay outside of your body.

Step 4

You can find a good position for you, trying different types to find the most comfortable one for you. Then squeeze the inner ring together with your thumb or the other finger to make it to insert easily. Make sure the female condom isn’t twisted inside of the vagina.

Step 5

During the intercourse, you can guide the penis of your partner where he can insert, open the outer ring to let it in.

Step 6

You have to close the outer ring immediately after your intercourse, because the female condom collects the semen. Gently pull out the female condom from your body and then twist it tight. Wrap the used female condom in a piece of toilet tissue and throw it in the trash can.


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