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7 big mistakes about condoms


Wearing condoms is the only method to avoid unexpected pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, which can provide protection against both them two. No condom, no sex is the golden rule you need to follow.

But some people don’t want to use condoms seriously, here are 7 mistakes in the following:

1. You will lose the pleasant sensation if you wear the condom.


7 big mistakes about condoms


This is an excuse for some people who don’t want to wear condoms. A research study shows that wearing condoms can’t decrease men’s voluptus and sex satisfaction. On the contrast, dotted and ribbed condoms can enhance the friction between penis and vagina.


  1. You are feeling disappointed about wearing condoms

7 big mistakes about condoms

You think it really disappointing to wear condoms during the process of intercourse without any romance at all. But please remember that sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy will make you much more disappointed. Something more, wearing condoms can be an interesting foreplay between you and your partner.


  1. You are allergic to the latex.

7 big mistakes about condoms

It’s shows that some people are allergic to the latex, but you are actually allergic to the certain materials such as lubricant oil, spermicide. If this, you can change another type of condom to keep away from allergens. If you are allergic to the latex condoms, you can lambskin condoms or the other ones.

  1. You can carry the condoms anywhere.

7 big mistakes about condoms

Actually, you have to store condoms in cool, dry and dark places to keep them safe. If the condition of the places is not appropriate, condoms can’t keep its quality within its shelf life. And now, it’s really convenient to buy condoms from many places such as supermarkets, grocery stores, drugs stores and vending machines.

  1. You can wear the condom when you reach the orgasm.

7 big mistakes about condoms

It’s too late to wear the condom when you reach the orgasm, because it’s much harder for you to avoid unwanted pregnancy because of some sperms inside of your penis before orgasm.

  1. You can wear two condoms

7 big mistakes about condoms

It seems that you want extra protection by wearing two condoms, it is not the case actually. Using two condoms at the same time isn’t recommended for pregnancy prevention. In fact, "double-bagging" can increase the friction between the condoms during intercourse, making them more likely to rip or tear. The same goes for using a male condom and female condom at the same time.

  1. Condoms can be used twice.

 7 big mistakes about condoms

This question may trouble many people, it’s a bad idea to use a condom twice. In fact, you need to remove the condom immediately after you ejaculate and before the penis loses its erection. Twice used condom is not clean attaching your sperm and many other types of bacteria which you can’t see with your naked eyes. So please throw the condoms away into the trash can at once. By the way, don’t throw them in your toilet if you don’t want to dredge your toilet pipe.






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