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Different types of condom in Japan Long-Tie Co., Ltd. Selecting a right condom is the first step to have a fun sex life experience, and it is a big problem that how to choose right ones. Here are some popular types of condom you can choose in the following. Here…
Here are some popular types of condom we should know Condoms are playing an increasingly important role in our sex life, so we can ignore the importance of condom. Selecting a good condom is the right thing we have to do with our patience. It is the first step for…
Sex personal lubricants are really essential for you during your process of making love, which can improve the quality of your sex life. Personal lubricants are specialized lubricants used during human sexual acts to decrease the friction between the penis and vagina, or other body parts. Personal lubricants are also…
How to use a female condom in a right way? Female condom is totally different from male condom which is an internal condom, and it’s put inside of the vagina of women, so condom is controlled by women. Female condom is made of polyurethane rather than latex like male condom.…
 NO CONDOM, NO SEX Wearing condoms is the only method to avoid unexpected pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, which can provide protection against both them two. No condom, no sex is the golden rule you need to follow. But some people don’t want to use condoms seriously, here are 7…

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Japan Long-Tie (China) Co., Ltd. is one of world’s leading and most-trusted suppliers providing adult products including condoms, personal lubricants and other sex products.


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